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About Us

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport was born and raised in Stuart, Florida. He is a true Floridian whose love for animals started at an early age. His dad enjoyed taking him out alligator hunting and that is where the passion began. He has not always had the time that it takes to care for all the animals he has dreamed about having. He moved to Kansas City, MO when he was 19 years old for a change of scenery. His first snake was an albino ball python in 2007 but his job as a national project manager at a major event company prevented him from devoting the time needed to care for any pets

In 2009 he met his now wife Andrea and instantly said,” He was in it for the long haul!”. They married in 2011 and welcomed their first child Henry; less then 2 years later they completed their family with their
daughter Hadlee. Chris’s profession required him to be on the road for long periods of time (2-3 months), and even though they managed the time away well, Chris began to struggle with the time away from his family. In 2015 Chris was offered a job opportunity that would not require travel but still stay in the industry. The new job was based in Stuart, Florida which would take him back to the place he truly feels at home. His wife told him “Once you are not traveling you can do what you want.” She was implying that if he was home more then he could have a couple pets because he would have time for them. He took the opportunity, and off to Florida they went.

Shortly after moving back to Florida he met his neighbor, Dave. He tends to make friends easily and is very personable. That guy that would say hello to anyone in a grocery store. He would describe himself as an extrovert and some would describe as embarrassing. He discovered Dave (owner of DNA morphs) also shared his love for snakes which gave Chris the itch to purchase his first snake. The problem would be convincing his wife it would be a good idea. Although she is an animal lover, she is not enthused with the idea of reptiles. After some persistence she gave in and said yes, and somehow could get a turtle as well. He jumped in his truck before she had a chance to change her mind and he headed to Underground Reptile. After bringing home Tom (the turtle) and Jerry (the snake), Andrea was curious and asked” How big is Tom going get?”. Chris replied “2-3 ft and that it was a tortoise” which she thought he was joking…. he was not! We loved Tom but we did not have the space for him in the future. That is where his friend Zach came to the save the day and decided to rehome him to his buddy’s house. Zach is also a snake breeder (Buehler reptiles) that also own turtles and various other reptiles..

Chris was born an entrepreneur and once he puts his mind on something, nothing can stop him. Go big or go home is something he lives by. So, when he wasn’t at work or spending time with his family, he was doing research. He discovered that breeding snakes was not only a hobby but be a great investment if done right. Again, he went back and had to convince his wife to buy a few more ball pythons and breed them to see if it was worth doing. She again caved and said yes. His desire to grow into a legitimate snake breeder increased tremendously after pairing his first two snakes and getting his first clutch. The feeling was invigorating, and he was hooked.

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